You’re going along wonderfully.  You’re feeling great and your visualization time feels so wonderful then a negative thought pops into your mindset.  You shoo it away and get back on track and here comes another one!  It’s as if they are doing their best to bring you down somehow.  The thoughts seem to grow bigger than your positive thought and the focus begins on ‘what if’ this happens or ‘what if’ it doesn’t happen.  You are now entering the realm of the mixed vibrations of your day.  You know that being distracted by negative emotions will slow down the manifestation process but you just can’t seem to get your emotion and thought into gear. You also know that repetitive focus is going to mess up some of those good feeling vibrations.  So what do you do?  Here are a few things that you can do and they will become your new habit, taking care of the negative vibrations.

Retrain, retrain, retrain. When  you get into a cycle of worry or expecting things to go bad you want to begin to bring your mind back to the positive.  Have ready-made affirmations and thoughts all geared up for those moments.  We don’t always recognize that we have gone down the negative thought road until we’re in the throes of it.  Just bring your mind back to the new thoughts you are replacing those old ones with.  Everyone does it.  Everyone has a bad-feeling day or a negative thought or two.  There’s no reason to get upset with yourself.  Just keep going back to retraining your mind how to think.  It takes practice to bring your focus to the positive over and over again and then eventually it will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Remember that positive thoughts really are stronger than negative thoughts.  When you can get your mind into the positive thoughts more often, you are sending out a higher vibration. And when you send out higher vibration things become easier on a physical level as well as on your own spirit level.  Higher vibrations are lighter, calmer, easier, and create a feeling of relief and joy.  When you create from the higher vibrations your manifestations arrive in an easier, more joyful way. The more you stay in that higher positive vibration the more power you have to manifest. Positive thought actually makes it easier to manifest what you want.

The Fading out. Here’s a little something to help with fading your negative thoughts into the background and bringing your positive thought to the foreground. Think about something that you would like in your life right now.  Now reference one of those past thoughts that say you can’t have what you want. Create a way within your mind that works for you to dissolve that negative thought, whether you just see it getting smaller and smaller until it’s gone, putting it in a box and throwing it into the ocean, erasing it with a No. 2 pencil, or any way that will help you to actively get rid of it.
Now take a thought that tells you that you can have it. See that thought written within your mind in the place where your negative thought was residing. Build a light around it so it feels protected.  Hear that thought within your mind.  Experience it.  See it, feel it, hear it, touch it. Now take that thought and make it bigger within your mind. Instead of you just looking at it, you are now standing right in the middle of it.  You have it surrounding your whole self. When you make an effort to ‘fade out’ a negative in your life, you are taking away the negative power of the thought. And by imagining the positive thought you are giving it more power to be manifested.

Repetition. Now it’s time to start with the repetition.  The more you focus on something the more likely it will come into your life, so when focusing on what you want in your life bring wonderful positive thoughts and feelings toward it so that your ‘want’ comes to you in a positive manner.  When you think of it make sure that you focus on the excited, happy, knowing thought and not the worry, impatience of ‘when’ thoughts.  Each time it comes to mind shift your focus to the positive in it all.  That kind of repetition is creating another piece of the puzzle for the total puzzle of that you want.


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Law of Attraction:  Getting Beyond the little Negatives of Life

Oh those little things in life. You know the ones… Washing the car, cleaning up the pet poop, eating a bowl of ice cream, getting through all those daily moments that we all go through. The question is, how are you when it comes to those little things? Do you dread the after breakfast rush or the thought of another load of laundry in between putting that proposal together for the big meeting?

As you go about your daily life start observing your reactions, thoughts, and feelings of how the day is going to go. If you know that you’re going to have to do something, does it have to be met with frustration and upset? Or could it possibly be met with a mild attitude or better yet, a possibly half genuine smile? Or when eating that big bowl of ice cream do you beat yourself and feel guilty about every little calorie or do you leave the guilt at the door and tell yourself that “I’m going to enjoy it if I’m going to go ahead eat it?”

Day in and day out we all have repetitive chores that must done. There is no question about that. Here is where you can make a difference in your life and even in the people around you. Begin to enjoy all the daily things. Is that possible? I mean, how do you enjoy cleaning out the garage or writing up the office notes when you know everyone is going to groan? You begin the new thought process.

Keeping the energy positive and flowing is how you want to do it. Look at it like this. You have a water hose and the water is flowing perfectly and balanced. Then you step on the hose and the water slows down, or stops completely. But when you keep the flow going you have a nice steady stream. This is how we work.

If you have this great, steady stream of positive feelings and thoughts during visualization and then you go about the rest of the day ‘stepping on the hose’, then you know longer have a nice steady flow.

How about we make the effort to find what is good in all that we do in daily life. When our pet makes a mess and you have to clean it up, realize how grateful you are for that wonderful pet and his unconditional love. Or next time you have to clean out the garage think about all the things you’re going to find and how uncluttered it’s going to feel when you’re done. Maybe put some music on and make it a little easier.

Or how about that dreaded meeting? Realize that you have a good job. Maybe it will cause you to bump it up a notch and make the speech humorous so that it becomes fun instead of tedious. Maybe, maybe, maybe… Search out the joy and if you can’t find something positive. After you have considered all of the good that surrounds you, sit in the neutral zone and keep yourself from getting all worked up over nothing. Because in the long run, it is creating your life and every repetitive thought and feeling brings you to another moment like the one you are feeling at this very moment. Let’s be positively positive in all things.

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The Big Manifestation

We all have dreams of the life we want.  And as we work toward the end result, there are days where we wonder when it is going to come in full form.  Some days a few pieces of the puzzle seem to fit yet the full picture just isn’t quite there.  And sometimes we look at our end result and realize that it is almost what we wanted — but not quite.  It is perhaps some skewed version of what we thought would work.  What causes this to happen; why not the exact image?  Instead, what would cause a perfect manifestation of what we think and envision?

Gathering Around

When we have an end result and focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want we have to realize to only focus on the end result.  We don’t need to worry about ‘how’ it will come to us just know that it will.  It may come in one big swoop or take several small steps to achieve your end result.  It may come in many different ways or one conventional way.  It isn’t yours to be concerned.  The Universe takes care of the how and you only need to take care of the clear image of the desire.

No Worries

Many of us say, “How will this happen?  Is it possible?  If it doesn’t what will I do?”  Again focus on the end result and leave the rest to the Universe.  Worrying is telling the Universe that you are concerned it won’t happen for you like you want it to. Worrying is a vibration that is asking for that worst case scenario that you are building within your mind.  Wouldn’t it be just as easy to assume the best and enjoy life as it unfolds?  Give the worry over to the Universe.  You don’t need it.  Remember you know and expect your life is going to change for the better.  Trust…

Chaos of Vibrations

We all can visualize and get the feeling of ‘in the now’ but it is in our daily life where we have the negative thoughts of what we don’t want creep in.  All day long, “I’m not sure if I have enough” or, ” A red light again?!”  It isn’t the words that are causing the chaotic vibrations, it is in your feelings attached to your thoughts in daily life.  The most work needs to be done on an inner level.  Begin by observing your outer reaction to something.  See if it has negative undertones of judgment or frustration.  Continually monitor and tame your negative thoughts.  Try to see the positive in each situation even if it seems negative.  As you go about your daily life find the nuggets of positive gold.  The more positive (and I mean genuinely) the more positive your life will get.  And your end result will come in a positive manner.

The Process of Getting there

Part of the experience of your end result is the process of getting there because once you get there, there will always be something else to create.  Enjoying all that you can and appreciating the life you have now will insure more of the same for you.  Start a grateful log to reflect upon.  When you walk outside really see the positive in the world.  Focus on the joy of the moment.

Always Fine Tuning

If the end result isn’t exactly as you want it then fine tune your vibration to the end result.  Take a  different direction when adding to your original end result and know that it will mould to that through aligning your vibration.

The Universe Sees all the Aspects

We don’t always see the whole picture but the Universe does.  If we have an end result in mind attached with feelings of how we want it to be then the Universe matches that for you.  It knows what will work best even if it takes ‘one of those’ days.  Keeping the focus and knowing the Universe always has your back then you can truly never be disappointed.  When relying on the Universe and envisioning what you want you know it will be.  Each moment, each thought, each action, each choice, the Universe knows every single path to get you there…there’s no need to put anything into thinking you won’t have it.  Trust the Universe and know you will never be let down.  It is only in how you look at the small picture when feeling let down but the Universe knows the bigger picture.  Trust and release expectations of how it comes to you.